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step beyond Sloof


Flexible workplaces require also relaxing and playfull objects.


Sector             Furniture; Powernap

Year                 2018

Material          Steel, foam, textile

Collaboration Elle Smeets

Prooff-fb15aebb-log1 (1).gif

Together with Elle Smeets we researched the toppic sleep deprivation. 

We found out in this modern stressfull world we plan every minute of our day. Having this much information sometimes couses less good ours of sleep during the night.

To compensate this, we came up with Move-On. Its an powernap object for in public and office spaces. Sloof is an low tech furinture piece to rest on for about 10 minutes. While sitting in the comfortable sleeping position, your ballence is required to hold yourself up. 

When you tend to fall into sleep, your brain disconnects to the ballence and sloof will gently roll forward. This slight motion will trigger you, and wakes you up.

Exactly in time to get the maximum out of your powernapp.


"A 10 minute powernap already boosts your productivity directly after napping up to 155minutes" 

Sloof video
Video afspelen

"We designed two objects to nap on,

Together with PROOFF we focus on the sitting powernap

version for in their collection" 

Sloof powernap object Rik van Mierlo.jpg
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