Soft Steel

Ornament, Construction and architectual function in one

Sector             Product; Outoor Lighting

Year                 2020

Material          Powdercoated steel

Soft steel started from a research into the Expanded metal production process.


Expanded metal production process:

'Flat sheets of metal are perforated and pressed in a systemetic pattern to create a metal mesh. Super efficient in production and material use'.

I tryed to redefine this technique onto metal tubes with an iregular desigend pattern. Soft steel outdoor light is one design example where a simple metal tube has been lasercut and expanded by a single contra-mould to create efficient, organic and true to nature shapes.

Immagine this on architectual scale to expand tubes into street lights!!!

We are currently working on this....

Soft steel wall object 1.jpg
Soft steel wall object 2.jpg
Soft steel Wall selectieDSC_6190.JPG
Soft steel Wall selectieDSC_6174.JPG

'Bridges always show exactly how they are constructed.

This is what I wanted to acchieve with SOFT STEEL''