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selectie soft steel pendant_DSC0670.JPG

Soft Steel

step beyond soft steel pendant

Sector             Product; Lighting

Year                 2021

Material          Stainless steel


Hight: Max 2000. Min 350

Integrated LED
6,5W  |  650Lumen
2700K  |  CRI 95+
Dimable  (Trailing edge | fase afsnij)

32 degree beam through fixture
Falloff light will be reflected inside mesh

IP22 indoor use only

The Soft Steel Pendant light is made from two lasercutted metal discs. 

By expanding the discs, a donut shaped metal mesh appears.

The Integrated LED spot functions as direct downlight while reflecting the fall-off light from the spot inside the 'donut'

Creating an dubble function with only one LED module.

The fixture is designed in a way you can never look directly into the Hight power LED light. 

There is no shadowplay casted from the Soft steel fixture


'By controlling the lasercut pattern,

we control the expanded 3D mesh'

selectie soft steel pendant Low Res_DSC0813.jpg
selectie soft steel pendant Low Res_DSC0847.jpg
selectie soft steel pendant Low Res_DSC0860.jpg
selectie soft steel pendant Low Res_DSC0873.jpg
selectie soft steel pendant Low Res_DSC0841.jpg
selectie soft steel pendant Low Res_DSC0878.jpg
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