Sector             Product; Lighting

Year                 2019

Material          Stainless steel

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The design originated as a challenge to produce products using simple cnc- efficient machinery. I researched the 3D-Tubelaser machine. The original idea was to create a product line using this machine only.

By laser cutting the right “shapes” out of the tubes, you get either an open hollow structure where the inside of the tube gets revealed or the tubes could interlock which creates an exiting 3D shape. This shape provides the construction as well as the aesthetic of the product.

By adapting the Calex tube light in the lamp designs, a minimalist design orginates where shape, proportion and function seamlessly comes together.

"ZTaHL by Dijkos is an traditional manufacturer of steel products. ZTaHL signiture lays in quality steel tables and lighting made in the Netherlands" 

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