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Step Beyond Wrap boat

3D Wrap Boat

Tension and Suspension, two terms flow together within this concept project


Sector             Transport; Boat

Year                 2018

Material          Steel tubes, polyesther

                         transparent wrap foil

Partner           Tom Meeuwsen



I started this project together with Tom Meeuwsen in collaboration with RDM (Rotterdam Dry-Dock Company)

RDM is an area based in Rotterdam. Back in the day RDM was established to create one of the biggest ships of the world of that time. Now RDM is a creative workplace for ‘The Makers’. Technological and technical driven. People with all different backgrounds woking on projects for the future.

RDM asked us to come up with a project where art, design and technological machinery meets.

This is where our 3d Wrap boat first came to existance.

We wanted to redifine boat building. Usually consumer boats are made from fiberglass or wood. Both ways takes ages to build. How can we come up with a cheap, fast and most important of all, formfree way to build boats.

Our inspiration came from Buckmister Fuller who defined super structures based on tenstion and suspention. Making a basic frame, and using rope or foil to make it into one sturdy structure.

We used this principal to make our boat.

One foam core makes sure for the seating. Around this core metal tubes are formed like a tent frame. Over this frame there is spon one roll of transparent wrapping foil to create the strong en sturdy shell.

bootje rdm 2.jpg
bootje rdm 1.jpg
bootje rdm 3.jpg
bootje rdm 4.jpg
Future Flux Festival 2018 - 41.jpg
Future Flux Festival 2018 - 131.jpg

" With the 3D wrap boat we wanted to give new insight in contemporary boat building"

Boot Tom Rik 11.jpg

" The construction of the Boat is inspired by architect Buckminster fuller with his Geodesic Dome ''

Future Flux Festival 2018 - 153.jpg
Future Flux Festival 2018 - 149.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2018-06-21 at 12.39.58 (1
WhatsApp Image 2018-06-21 at
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