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We collaborate with forward thinking manufacturers and labels to combine modern machinery and craft with innovative design

step beyond cliets zuiver
zuiver collaboration.JPG

Design proposal meeting for New Light: Smokey


Collaboration since: 2017

Zuiver is a furniture brand based in the Netherlands focussing on trend-based products for the home interior.


The first collaboration we ever did was with Zuiver. Our Minimal and Uno clock came first  to existence in 2017. More projects are on the drawing table since then.




Clock Uno



Collaboration Ztahl

Collaboration since: 2018

Ztahl by dijkos is a manufacturers of robust Lighting fixtures. There signiture; Metal

Limiting yourself to that only material, stives us to dig deeper into the posibilities of the material. For Ztahl we design 'easy to produce' objects combining with there craft and material know how. Every year in september we launch a new project together.

Crown Light_Rik van Mierlo.png


prop up kroonluchter.jpg

Production of the Prop up Chandelier at Ztahl by Dijkos in the Netherlands

RM5005-RVS (2).png

Tube Lights

Prop up_Rik van Mierlo.jpg

Prop Up

Collaboration In-Zee
_DSC7753stoel fotografie.JPG

Prototyping Mr. Felt for In-Zee

inze logo-01.png

Collaboration since: 2019

If you think about acoustics, In-Zee is the one to go to. For over decade of knowlege on sound absorbing products and interior projects.

PET Felt is one of the acoustic materials they tool products from. We used this flat sheet material to sculpt into lighting and furniture products.

Sliced_Rik van Mierlo.png


Mr. Felt_Rik van Mierlo.jpg

Mr. Felt

Edge midnight.png
Collaboration Prooff
Move-on_Rik van Mierlo.jpg
Prooff-fb15aebb-log1 (1).gif

Collaboration since: 


As forward thinking office furniture brand pioneering in 'Activity Based Working' Prooff is one of its own!

Together we designed a product fitting exactly there DNA a playfull alround relax, play and work object.

Testing second prototype of Move-On 


Zeno salone_Rik van Mierlo2.jpg

Collaboration since: 


We go way back with Zeno products to 2016 where I started as an intern in product development and design. The strong connection between Zeno and our studio is still present by this design and mutal interest.

Launch of Zeno Salone at the fair in 2016

Zeno Salone

Collaboration Zeno products
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