The Designs from Rik van Mierlo surprise by their dynamic technical simplicity. No minimalism, but a balance between form, function and material research. With his designs, Rik tries to redefine the visual language of products into unique objects for mass production as well limited editions.

Born in 1995, Rik grew up in Leende, a small village whre he spend his childhood. As a child he always wanted to work with his hands. This lead to the four year design study at Sintlucas in Boxtel. These years he defined his way into product design. In the fourth year of his study he started with four friends a design company called; Luxio. In the period of 2015-2016 they were honored with the second place in the national Young Company Competition of the year. After his study at Sintlucas he went to higher art school; Willem de Kooning in Rotterdam where he can still improve his ambition and passion for design.

"The solid collaborations with brands and labels are key for the designs we create."

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The Studio



The studio is based in Leende, a small village in the south of the Netherlands.

In opposite of the calm countryside of Leende, the studio is an inspiring place with a wide range of material samples, form studies and prototypes to stimulate the creative atmosphere.



Design district. Felt Family

Van Nelle Factory. Rotterdam. Netherlands

Future Flux Festival. Presenting new boat concept

Together with Tom Meeuwsen

RDM. Rotterdam. Netherlands

Design district. Felt seating serie

Van Nelle factory. Rotterdam. Netherlands

Design district.  Cocoon project

Van Nelle factory. Rotterdam. Netherlands

Dutch Design Week. Presenting Luxio animal lights

Sectie C. Eindhoven. Netherlands

Artspace flipside. Spacial art object. 

together with Jolie van Wijngaarden & Jimmy Bloksma

Eindhoven. Netherlands









Winning contester in Innovation chalange RDM

Rotterdam Together with Tom Meeuwsen

2nd price National young company of the year competition  (jong ondernemen) 

3th of QAZQA Design competition

Winner ICS Quality Cleaning competition