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step beyond crown


Sector             Product; Lighting

Year                 2020

Material          Powdercoated steel


The CROWN light is as its name suggest more of an expressive art piece then a lamp. By laser cutting six identical metal ribs and interlocking them in a regular pattern.

The cylindrical golden or silver tube inside CROWN, houses the up and down spotlight. Dimmable to adjust between a powerfull functional light to a soft warm glow.

CROWN designed for Ztahl is besides an indoor eyecatcher also available as outdoor version with IP44 Integrated LED Spots.

Crown light zilver 1.jpg
Crown light zilver 4.jpg
Crown light zilver 3.jpg
Crown light zilver 2.jpg

'CROWN is more a decorative art object then a lamp'

schenkel render crown.jpg
Crown light Goud 1a.jpg
Crown light Goud 3a.jpg
Crown light Goud 4b.jpg
Crown light Goud 2a.jpg
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