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Sector             Product; Lighting

Year                 2019

Material          PET Felt (cutting waste)


inze logo-01.png

Edge is designed to be sustainable!

Made from PET Felt cutting waste, small discs from different colors Felt are string to form the soundabsorbing design of Edge. 

Due to its shape and PET Felt density it absorps and diffuses the soundwaves.

Edge comes in endless collor combinations and 3 options:

Edge spot: A 3Watt GU10 LED spot is flush integrated in the pendant. 

Edge plug: with the 3pronge powerplug inside Edge pendant, you can create powersockets above every workspace!

Edge acoustic: Just the clean PET Felt design to mix and match with the Spot and Plug to create a statement installation.

edge trio square.jpg
edge trio square.jpg
edge trio square.jpg

Use a single Edge pendant, or cluster them to create an statement installation!

edge sfeerfoto ietsjes wittere achtergrond.jpg
INZEE_2020.010.30_Stephan Wor 2020 -034.JPG
Edge CRADLE collection 2.jpg

Upcycled Felt made from industrial cutting waste;
Edge is the sustainable solution!

INZEE_2020.010.30_Stephan Wor 2020 -030_2.jpg

Edge Spot

INZEE_2020.010.30_Stephan Wor 2020 -033.JPG

Edge Plug

INZEE_2020.010.30_Stephan Wor 2020 -027.JPG

Edge Acoustic

Edge CRADLE collection square.jpg
INZEE_2020.010.30_Stephan Wor 2020 -032.JPG
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