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Step beyond Felt family

Felt Family

Smart connections, Flatpack, Modular, CNC machinery; All ingredients for an sustainable product.




Sector             Product; Seating

Year                 2018

Material          PET Felt, Plywood

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Can you make a real Design chair by using only one machine?

This question lead to a research of possibilities of the CNC Milling machine. By experimenting with different materials and connection solutions, I designed a series of seating objects called: Felt Family. Existing of a Dining chair (Mr. Felt), Bar stool (Miss Felt) lounge chair with hocker (Felt Sr.) and a stool (Felt Jr.)


The whole Felt seating series is made by Computerized milling and cutting. 

The Flat Plywood parts form the construction of the Chair, while the bended PET Felt gives the chair its soft and comfortable look and feel.

The flat packed chairs are easy to assemble by hand, no need for tools or glue!

The PET Felt seating is 100% recyclable, while the plywood frame provides a great alternative to traditional solid timber seating.

_DSC7719stoel fotografieANRTACIET.jpg
_DSC7708stoel fotografieROZE.jpg
_DSC7738stoel fotografie.JPG
_DSC7753stoel fotografie.JPG
_DSC7714stoel fotografie.JPG
_DSC7734stoel fotografie.JPG

''The Felt Family collection is designed to be modular, not just for design customisation, but for end of life and recycling.'' 

_DSC7911Feltfeltfinal kleuren.jpg

"The colorfull PET shell gives the chair its soft and comfortable look and feel''

_DSC0141chair Rik van Mierlo.jpg
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