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Step beyond Mushroom


Sector             Product; Lighting

Year                 2015

Material          Metal, plastics

logo QAZQA goede.png

Shown on the left is the mushroom light I designed for Qazqa during their design contest.

Later we decided to work together to realize this light series for the Qazqa collection.

The inspiration of this design came by researching nature structures. One of them of cource the mushroom spores. Could I create a diffuser in the same way nature creates its complex structures? 


Doing research about algorithms and the golden ratio. I created by 3d software this mushroom structure following natures rules.

The structure can only be made by complex plastic-moulding processing. We are still pushing to find a way to make this accessible for the right costs.

The lampshade is a half sphere, easy shaped to not attract  to much attention.

The pictures shown on the side are 3d renders and prototypes.


We are working towards production. Its still unknown when this will be exploited.


"The difuser blends the light emited from the mushroom"

structure detail.jpg
20-5-2016 Rik van Mierlo Mushroom light
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