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Sector             Product; Lighting

Year                 2023

Material          PET Felt


inze logo-01.png

Toad seamlessly brings together functionality, acoustics, and aesthetics in its design. Inspired by natural and rounded forms, its design is truly unique and captivating. The spherical canopy, equipped with a high-quality LED panel, emits a soft and diffuse light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space it adorns.

The lamp's distinctive shape, featuring an interior adorned with organically shaped slats, offers multiple advantages. Firstly, it provides a notably high acoustic efficiency, effectively absorbing sound and enhancing the room's acoustics. This contributes to a tranquil and pleasing environment. Additionally, the slats ensure an even distribution of light, enhancing the lamp's visual appeal.

Render Toad rosé.jpg
toad render.1334 square.jpg
Toad render interieur square.jpg

'The Bigger The Better'
If it comes to acoustic comfort, this is what to look for!

toad render.1244.jpg

Toad 700

toad render.1242.jpg

Toad 1500

toad render.1243.jpg

Toad 1000

toad render.1245.jpg

Toad Oval 1700

Toad In-Zee 1 A_W1_edited.jpg
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