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TOBY Rocking horse

Step Beyond Toby

Sector             Product; Lighting

Year                 2017

Material          Polyesther, Fabrics

                         Stainless steel


Conceptstitch EPS (1) [Converted]-01.png

Who has’nt had one in theire childhood? The old fashoned wooden rocking horse!


Designer Rik van Mierlo watched back to his youth when he saw a tattered wooden rocking horse in a modern interior. How strange this wooden icon has’nt been changed in all these years..

By technological developments and new composites materials which are currently available he went to work to redesign a rocking horse into a modern, futuristic form by maintaining the old intentions. By designing the horse into its abstract organic form with polyester fiberglass, the rocking horse looks esthetically thin, and by function lightweight and extremely strong.

The upholstery of the object is from original Porsche Nappa leather in combination with a suède fabric. This gives the rocking horse its soft but eccentric style. The upholstery is handmade by Conceptstich. Showing no stitches on the outside and made of only one part of fabric. For this organic shape and dimensions this is unique in upholstery technique!

hobbelpaard perspectief met menneke.jpg
hobbelpaard perspectief photoshop layers
rocking horse toby perspective 2.jpg
toby rocking horse.jpg
toby rocking horse 4.jpg
toby rocking horse 5.jpg
toby rocking horse 3.jpg
toby rocking horse 2.jpg
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